Carving has been an ancient art-form used for depicting sacred beliefs on stone or wood and the recording of historic events and journeys in the pacific and continues to this date. So also is the ingenuity of our people as seen in the ancient art of Weaving, be it in the creation of useful essentials for the home i.e. mats or the creation of fish-hooks for the necessary provision of food. These became an integral part of our culture and every-day life. The skills are honed over centuries and passed down through family lines as a heritage for the younger generation. This art continues and is strongest in our rural communities and we at Pacific Jewell partner with many families of master-carvers and weavers who produce our finest quality handicrafts.

Pacific Jewell carries only the best range of Samoan carvings and wooden artefacts. Made from the local Samoan hardwood, ifilele, each piece is skilfully crafted by master-carvers and etched with traditional designs and motifs. All our handicrafts are created with locally sourced materials. 
From historically authentic war-clubs to beautifully carved platters and tanoa (kava bowls), our broad selection will guarantee that you find the gift that you will treasure.  

The Samoan culture is rich and runs deep. You can see remanemces of our well-known coconuts trees in the unique creation of our jewelry, home-ware, earnings, candle holders, salt & pepper holders and beauty products.


Siapo (tapa cloth)
Pacific Jewelery
Samoan Ceremonial wear

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